Personal guidance and group orientation

Who is it for?

The human capital of your organization is a dynamic activity that requires constant adjustments in response to changing market conditions and new business opportunities.

How can you help employees in the transition to a new career?

The separation and management of an executive’s career presents a complex set of considerations for both the organization and the individual.

What does it consist of?

It consists of strategically moving and adjusting the size of its human capital to business needs, and to minimize the impact on people, in business volume and the productivity of unaffected employees.
When there is a change in the market, in the structure or mission that requires planning and restructuring of human capital, we offer Newplacement services for individual and/or group candidates at all levels, functions and origins.

What does it offer?

The Newplacement programme offers the following added values:

  • Providing support to emotionally assimilate the separation of the company.
  • Build a positive attitude for the future.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • Help them to help themselves.
  • Increase methodical and social competence.
  • Helping people to reach their professional goals.
  • Help them keep their job.

The key to sustainable business success is to ensure that organizations have the right people with skills necessary to perform the work and meet organizational objectives.  Advantage Consultores helps organizations to identify the skills and talent needed to achieve business and/or professional objectives.

How does it work?

Group services are provided in workshop format led by a consultant to prepare groups of candidates to manage their own employment searches effectively. The workshops provide participants with the opportunity to develop employment search skills and networking, while allowing time and space for practice and role-play.
Our processes are designed to effectively manage change, while ensuring the development of skills and competence aligned with organizational needs. Providing opportunities for progress within the organization, ensuring high levels of commitment, and increased productivity and performance.

  • My experience with the Advantage team can be summarized as outstanding, their professional quality is unquestionable, and combined with a genuine orientation towards people, any collaboration will become a success, because they really achieve to have an impact, to transform talent and to motivate people.

    Yolanda Menal National HR Director at Unilever Spain

  • Advantage Consultores is a great and very professional company. They work with people and for people, finding the best professionals available at all times on the market, without forgetting the fit with the team and with the philosophy of our company. This is vital for our business.

    Paco León Head of Human Resources at Bayer Hispania

  • With Advantage Consultores we have always been informed in detail about the progress of the search. In a field as intangible as headhunting they stand out through their dependability and commitment.

    Antoni Balanyà, Business Manager at New Yorker Spain.

  • I worked with Sylvia during several years. During this time I could discover probably the best Executive Search that I have worked with during my 15 years of experience. Sylvia is a high responsible, fully involved & competent professional. In addition to all of these, she really cares & listens to the people that she works with. Sylvia has my highest personal & professional recommendation.

    Ricardo Perez Font EMEA International Marketing Director at Invacare Corporation

  • The most efficient and accurate search process for one of our profiles most difficult to find. It has been closed in a record time with a perfect profile.

    Emma Giner International HR Director at Massimo Dutti

  • As a professional in the HR sector, I have dealt with many consultants, but the level of professionalism I have seen at Advantage Consultores, from my point of view as a candidate, was excellent. Not only for the received treatment and feedback at each step of the process, but also for the level of detail and knowledge of the project itself, since it is not usual for the consultant to know so much about the company. Your high professional and human level makes me recommend you without any doubt.

    Diana Arias

  • Thank you very much for accompanying me with such professionalism and empathy in these important moments of my professional life. Thank you for helping me reflect and see in a positive and realistic way the amount of opportunities that arise as a result of change. Thank you for accompanying me and for recommending me to your own networking in such an individualized way... and above all, thanks for making me see and value my own abilities to achieve the challenges and professional goals. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    Mercedes Alabart

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